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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

About Us 

I am a Psychic Mediums We Have Been In Business Since Over 12 Years Helping People From All Over The World Find Love Happiness Peace Success To Over Come Pain From The Past And To Stop Negative Cycles From Repeating It Self Learning How To Be Living Your Best Life! Be In Control Of Your Future We Teach Our Client's How To Take Care Of Their Energy 

Our History 

Our Gift Originates From Our Great Ancestors In Bombay India We Are The Sixth Generation The Gift It Self Is Very Powerful Not Only Being Psychic We Are Also Healers Using Some Of The Old Methods Of Our Great Ancestors And Also New Age Healing Methods As Well Giving Our Client's The Most Beneficial Result's

Healing Services 

We Offer A Variety Of Different Types Of Healing Services Why? Well Because Our Energy Is Like The Human Body, Made Of So Many Parts Just Like  We Have So Many Layers In Our Energy (Aura Charka Past Life Energy) And Everyone Is Different So What We Recommend Is That You Get A Reading/Energy Consultation So We Can Prescribe You The Best Healing For You Energy  

We Are Also Available For Parties Tarot,Psychic,Group Healing's Sessions And Classes Call Us For Pricing


Heal The Mind,Body & Spirit