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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

List Of Services

Readings,Healings & More!

Sound Healing

Charkas Are Sound And Can Get Off Balance One Of Our Very Popular Healing Sessions Are Sound Healing Using The Singing Bowls The Sound Waves Naturally Cause The Charkas To Self-Corecct The Sound Waves, In The Form Of Sine Waves Run Correcting Frequencies To The Unbalance Charkas Bringing Back To Normal Functioning 

Crystal Light Therapy 

Crystal Light Therapy Session This Bed Is Made Of 100% Clear Quartz Crystals As You Lay Down To Relax We Point The Crystals To Each Charka Point Putting On Each Color Light To Each Point Because Are Charkas Are Color This Special Bed Helps Get Into Multiple Layers Of The Charkas (Since Theres 100,000 To Each Charka) Bring The Charkas Back To Full Color We Also Play Soft Mediation Music And Say Positive Healing Mantras Place Specific Crystals That Target The Negative Energy Also We Combine Sound Healing,Sage,Candles And We Spray Special Hypoallergenic Oils Giving You The Deepest Intense Healing 

Aura Cleansing 

The Aura Can Be Such A Beautiful Thing...As Also Such A Negative Heavy Boxed In Feeling As Well The Aura Naturally Is Bright Colors Like The Rainbow And White Surrounding It When The Aura Is Dark Gray Muddy We Feeling Like There's Walls Not Allowing Us To Move Forward We Attract Negative Energy People It Turns Good Friends Against Us It Makes A Job Interview Get Rejected Sends Off Bad Vibes To People Around Us Causing A Wall Of Division And Separation Of Your Loved One When The Aura Is Cleanse We Feel Bright Attract Positive Opportunities In Our  Career Love Life Friends Sending Out Good Vibes Why Does The Aura Get Off Color/Dark Gray Well The Aura Is The Most Sensitive Energy Its Surrounds The Whole Body It's The First thing You Notice About Some One When You Walk Into A Room Your Able To See Who Has  Positive Good Vibes And Who Doesn't How The Aura Gets "Dirty" Is Just Like Our Body We Bathe Daily To Wash Away Dirt Odor Germs Toxins For Good Hygiene Imagine If You Didn't Bathe For Week Or A Month You Have Built Up Dirt Leading To Bacteria Infection Body Odor ECT So With The Aura It Is The Same Going Through A Bad Breakup Being Around Negative People Negative Co-Worker's Has Affect On Your Energy Cleansing Your Aura Will Allow You To Move Forward Sending And Reciving Good Vibes


Tarot Card Reading

What To Expect...Tarot Card Are Use As An Instrument To Interpret Your Reading The Tarot Card Reading Will Be Able To Tell You What Is Going On In Your Immediate Future, Past, Present ,Character, Love, Family, Career & Health We Are Clairvoyant So We Will Provide You The Most Accurate Reading 

Medium Reading

What To Expect...We are Intuitive Psychic Mediums We Are Clairvoyant and Clairaudient That Is, We See, Hear, And Feel Past, Present And Future Events. We Use Our Unique Gifts To Help Clients All Over The Globe Gain Deep Insights Into Their Life Journey And Gain Spiritual Growth, Shining Light On Relationships, Love, Career, Business And Family.Using  Our Medium Abilities Help Us To Communicate with Your Spirit Guides And Your Loved Ones Who Are In Spirit To Help You Find Closure And Give You The Tools To Start The Healing Process.

Past Life Readings

The Benefits Of Past Life Regression Are Numerous and Often Transformative Sessions Can Heal Deeper And Get Results Much More Quickly With Our Gift Here Is A List Below
Clear Emotional Stress Trauma And Physical Issues Calm Feelings Of Anxiety And Depression Heal Troubled Relationships Understand And Change Behaviors,Patterns And Tendencies Undercover Dormant Past Life Gift And Talents And Actualize Those In This Life Reveal Past Life Souls You Know From This Life Mentally,Emotionally And Spiritually Unify Past Life Experiences With Your Soul's Life Lessons Reconnect With Your Spiritual Center Receive Spiritual Guidance And Direction Experience Universal Wisdom And Peace Clarity And Freedom Of Your Past Life Cycles

Psychic Reading

Our Goal is To Help Guild You In The Right Path When It Comes To Love And Relationships Whether You’re Experiencing Obstacles In A Romantic Relationship Or Wondering If The “Right One” Will Ever Come Along, A Psychic Reading Can Help You Understand How To Attract And Maintain A Healthy Relationships 

Are You Unemployed, Underemployed Or Just Stuck In A Job You Hate? A Reading Can Help You Identify Your True Career Path And Take Steps That Lead To A Fulfilling Professional Life.
At Some Point During Our Life, Everyone Faces Family Issues—From Caring For Elderly Parents To Dealing With Addiction And Dysfunction In The Family Unit To Rifts In Relationships. A Psychic Reading Can Offer You Clarity And Direction On Making Decisions Leading To The Best Possible Outcomes Are You Launching A New Business, Looking To Invest In One Or Facing Obstacles With An Existing One? A Reading Can Provide The Guidance Needed To Make Positive Decisions About Your Business Goals. We Have All The Answers!

More Healings!

 Aromatherapy Healing 

We Use Plant Oils Essential Oils Herbs Dry Flowers Flower Oils And Incense Such As Sage White Sage Lavender Rose Buds Chamomile Almond Oil Rosewater Using These Materials Combined With Our Healing Power Guided Mediation Session Will Release Negative Energy Stress Anxiety Headaches Sinus Calming The Mind Body And Soul Make An Appointment Today!

Our Chakra Healing Candles 

* Muladhara (Root Chakra) – It Is Located At The Base Of The Spine And Colored Red. These Candles Encourage Increased Vitality And Self-Confidence And The Color Symbolizes Earth Power.
* Svadhisthana (Sacral Chakra) – Located In The Lower Abdominal Region Below The Navel, Its Color Is Orange. The Purpose Of These Candles Is To Enhance Feelings Of Sensuality And Intimacy, As Well As Promoting Creativity And Self-Expression.
* Manipura (Solar Plexus) – Its Color Is Yellow, Which Is Thought To Be The Color Of Vitality And Heightened Intelligence. Therefore, This Chakra Candle Is Used To Encourage Higher Thought Processes And Give You Peace Of Mind Being Able To Focus
* Anahata (Heart Chakra)– Centered Where Your Heart Is, It Is Meant To Symbolize The Center Of One’s Being And Emotion. Green Represents The Heart Chakra And The Candle Draws Healing Energies And Is Meant To Relieve Heartaches And Regret,Commitment Issues,Trust Issues And Self Hatred Which Is Thought To Open Up Your Soul To Possibilities.
* Vishuddha (Throat Chakra) – You May Have Guessed That It Is Located At The Center Of The Throat, And Is Associated With The Color Blue. It Corresponds With Personal Expression, Enhancing Your Ability To Listen Effectively As Well Communicate Clearly Through Speech And The Written Word. Blue Is Meant To Have A Calming Effect On The Nervous System.
* Ajna (Third Eye/Brow Chakra) – Located At The Center Between The Eyebrows, It Symbolized By Indigo, Which Is Considered To Be A Very Highly Spiritual Color. Its Purpose Is To Connect Us To Intuition, Spirituality, Higher Wisdom And Greater Understanding. Many Kundalini Practices Teach You To Concentrate All Of Your Thoughts And Energies To This One Specific Spot.
* Sahasrara (Crown Chakra) – The Uppermost Chakra, As It Is Located Above The Crown Of The Head, It Is Associated With The Color Purple. Purple Has Been Used For Thousands Of Years To Denote Royalty And Higher Spiritual Wisdom. This Chakra Is Considered To Be The Purest State Of Consciousness, As It Increases Creative Imagination, Heightens intuition And Promotes Greater Understanding. It Is By Far The most Philosophical And Spiritual Chakra. 

Our Crystal Healing

The Amazing Power Of Crystals! Crystals Are So Unique They Have So Much More Than What Meets The Eye Not Only Are They Beautiful For Jewelry & House Decor They Have Great Healing Power And Benefits With A Large Variety Of Selection Each Crystal Has A Meaning For You And Your Energy The Earths Beautiful Creation Crystals Have A Way To Send Out Positive Vibes And Absorb

Negative Energy We Will See What Area's Of Your Life That You Want To Focus On And Will Give You The Right Healing Package For You

How We Use Our Crystals  

:Amethyst: Is Like A Spa-Day In A Stone, It Is The Exact Kind Of Relaxing Energy That We Could All Use After A Long Day. Allow Amethyst’s Energy Of Contentment To Sooth Away The Day-To-Day Stresses That Keep You Up At Night. In Working With The Third Eye And Crown Chakras, Amethyst Helps Your Body Give Into Innate Desires Like Sound Sleep And Relaxation, But It Also Works With Your Third Eye To Balance The Mind With Insightful Solutions To Problems.:Clear Quartz: Maybe One Of The Most Popular Among Crystals, For Those Whose Spirit Needs Illumination, Clear Quartz Brings Clarity To Shadows Within The Mind. A Universal Healer, It Links To All Chakras To Provide Balance And Harmony. Its Ability To Be Programed For Manifestation Is Unlike Any Other Crystal. By Elevating Thoughts And Perspective, Clear Quartz Will Help Manifest Your Intentions Like Never Before. :Citrine: How It Works It Energizes The Solar Plexus Chakra To Radiate Power, Centeredness, Confidence And Endurance. Citrine Is One Of Few Stones That, Rather Than Absorbing Negative Energy, Clears it. It Makes Room For Happiness And Light So The Spirit Is Open To Positive Energy :Moonstone: The Milky Radiance Of A Moonstone Crystal Represents Tenderness, And Is Believed To Bring Lovers Closer Together. Moonstone Is A Magical Stone That Connects You To Your Divine Feminine And Inner Goddess. It Helps You Unlock The Energy Of The Moon That Resides Within You To Keep You In A More Balanced State. Moonstone Acts As A Guide To Help You Do What’s Necessary To Become More Balanced, Healthy And In Sync. Moonstone Is The Light In The Darkness.

:Red Jasper:  Jasper’s Grounding Energy Is The Support You Can Lean On When Stress Is Tearing You Down. It Healing Properties Bring Stability To Your Body And Spirit By Balancing The Root Chakra. As A Supreme Nurturer, Jasper Soothes The Mind Of Anxiety So That It Can Focus On Other Things. Jasper’s Encouragement Helps You To Take On New Pursuits, Deal With conflicts And Approach Problems With Creative Solutions

Rose Quartz Universal Love This Stone Will Open Up Your Heart Chakra To Every Kind Of Love That You Need—Whether It’s Self-Love, Familial Love, Friendship Love, Love For Humanity Or Romantic Love. As A Flush Of Compassion, Happiness, Forgiveness And Peace Pulses Through you, Rose Quartz Will Help You In Releasing Toxic Emotions So Your Spirit Can Finally Be Free Of Petty Negativity.